Preface of Alpha Omega Alpha


For many years I studied and read what had been written about Revelation. I was continually plagued with not being able to fully understand how all scriptures on prophecy fit into what I was reading. One that particularly bothered me was the fourth ‘Seal’ whose rider was ‘Death’. It did not seem reasonable to equate death with a plague when all of mankind dies. The scripture says that it was appointed once for man to die and then the judgment. As I sought the Lord for understanding, the first thing that became evident was that the end will come as an act of God, not as a result of war, atomic fallout nor anything that man will do. As a result of that, I became convinced that a book should be written entitled ‘Alpha Omega Alpha’; that is , God is the beginning – Alpha – the end – Omega – and the new beginning – Alpha. In this way, the Lord begin a long process that brought me to write “Alpha Omega Alpha”. For several years I thought the Lord would have me to meet a writer whom I could help understand some things the Lord was teaching me, so that he could write the book. However, I never met this writer. Finally, after completing a mission project that took two years of our lives, I began to seek my Lord for His direction. He gave me an overwhelming challenge to put into words the thoughts He had given me about understanding prophecy. For approximately six months my every thought and all my energy was concentrated on the 22 chapters of Revelation. Then two things happened that gave me the courage and motivation to begin to write. First, I had some ideas of interpretation that needed to be compared to Old Testament Prophecy. I turned to Daniel and began reading. I was amazed at how clearly they fit together, but when I came to Daniel 12 : 7 and 9, the Holy Spirit took hold of me in a powerful way. Verse 7 says, “ When the power of the holy people has been finally broken….” This clearly fit my thoughts on Revelation. Also, verse 9 says, “ Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed and sealed until the time of the end.” It pierced my heart that God’s prophecy was to be sealed until the end time and then understanding would come; that is, the scriptures would understood through the Holy Spirit. This was awesome, for I believed the Holy Spirit had helped me understand things I could not find written by others. The second event occurred one night as I was driving down an interstate in a rainstorm. By this time I had virtually memorized the book of Revelation. I was thinking through the scripture and praying for the Holy Spirit to help me. I was talking aloud to the Lord, reasoning about the millennial. I said in regard to what I was thinking, “ If this is right, how do the other scriptures fit in?” Suddenly scriptures and thoughts began to fill my mind and there came a flood of the presence of God. Immediately as I was looking down the road, there came in my vision a horrid sight. It was suspended in mid-air at the edge of the lights and to the left of the road. It was a head with a very grimacing look and snarling. It was looking directly at me and I felt it wanted to kill me. What I saw was so vivid that I could draw a picture of it if I were an artist. I knew it was satan. Though very afraid, I still felt the Holy Spirit’s power in such a way that I knew, although satan was out there, he could not reach me. Soon I came to understand that my Lord was showing me the opposition . As the Lord had opened the eyes of Elisha’s servant in II Kings 6 : 17 to see a spiritual scene, so He opened my eyes for a glimpse of what I was going to face as opposition. These two things have been a driving force that has caused me to press on for two and a half years, when I often wanted to give up. God knew what it would take to accomplish the task. Praise God!! Hallelujah!! dle

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